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The club has a rich history, and a bright future. Learn about our past and the current board and staff who work diligently to create an inviting oasis for all our members.



Fun, food and family tradition has always been celebrated on our site. The Charleston Country Club was established as the Coles Country Club in 1911 and was made up of 75 members from both Charleston and Mattoon. It wasn’t until 1923 that the membership was split and the two groups formed their own clubs.

According to the history of Coles County, 1876-1976, Urban Park and the Charleston Country Club were created on the interurban electric car route west of Charleston. This very popular park was created for family enjoyment. A Charleston Plaindealer news article of the time noted that every facility for enjoyment has been provided at the park including: a large airy dancing pavilion, bowling alleys, swings, a merry-go-round, good ball grounds, an artificial lake for boating and bathing. There was also a menagerie which included fox, raccoons, bears, monkeys and more. The interurban stopped running in 1927 and the park stopped operations. The grounds were taken over by the Charleston Country Club.


As the 1922 membership letter aptly stated,

“Golf is steadily gaining in favor throughout the whole United States and in other parts of the civilized world. There is a reason for this, and anyone who has tried the game knows the reason. It is one more fine game, always full of new and interesting developments and never dull or uninteresting. And it takes one out of doors, gives him beneficial exercise, and simply compels him to forget any and all of his troubles for the time being. It re-creates.”

In 1959, fire leveled the CCC and caused an estimated $100,000 in damage and $10,000 damage to members’ golf equipment. No one was injured. The expansion to 18 holes occurred in the summer of 1993. We continually renovate and enhance the club’s course and facilities for the enjoyment of its members.

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